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Chapter 1

posted Oct 18, 2011 19:14:34 by
How does Unoka’s failure shape Okonkwo’s character? What traits of Okonkwo would be admired in American culture? Why? Would Unoka be considered a failure in American culture? Why or why not?
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NELLIE05 said Oct 23, 2011 19:23:13
It taught Okonkwo what not to become and he followed the proverb that "if a child washed his hands he could eat with kings" (8). He did just that and was able to climb the social ladder. Because Unoka was a failure, it pushed Okonkwo to succeed and prove that he is not the same man as his father. Okonkwo was the best wrestler in a nine villages "and so although Okonknwo was still young, he was already one of the greatest men of his time" (8). Okonkwo's masculinity and dominance, athleticism, and bravery would all be admired today, especially by men. However he Okonkwo may also be viewed as a failure because "he had no patience with unsuccessful men. He had had no patience with his father" (4). This creates the idea that Okonkwo is a self centered and unforgiving man.
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