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Chapter 2-3

posted Oct 18, 2011 19:14:52 by
In Chapter 2, Achebe introduces the Umuofia's justice system. During a town meeting, 10,000 men attend to address a crime committed against their village. The village decides to follow “the normal course of action," which is identified as a “peaceful settlement.” What does the justice system reveal about Ibo society? What does it reveal about community life in Ibo society? Consider the influence of the Oracle, the people who attend the meeting, and the methods utilized to reach a verdict.
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CADYL01 said Oct 23, 2011 15:35:03
By following the normal course of action, or peaceful settlement, the villagers reveal that although Ibo culture values power and masculinity, they prefer peace over war. The villagers consult the oracle over such matters when needed, and it is revealed that the oracle will deny them when it feels the war is not just. Additionally, the summoning of people during the night by the drummer illustrates the importance of the community working together. Although Achebe makes it seem as if they will easily fight with a rival village, relations in the village itself are tight. Lastly, by using a vote, Achebe reveals that in Ibo society opinions are valued fairly. Although men can hold titles, when it comes to issues regarding the entire village, everyone has a say.
JAMESF01 said Oct 23, 2011 17:30:47
I agree with Cady's idea that, the fact that Okonkwo's village gave the other a village a choice of war or peace shows that Igbo society does not commit acts of violence for no reason. However it does show that Igbo society is also very fractured due to the fact that villages are not afraid to go to war and often fight amongst themselves. This in-fighting probaly made it very easy for European powers to colonize Africa, by pitting rival tribes against each other,people couldn't see the bigger European threat. In comparison to America, the Oracle seems to be able to veto any course of action, like a president. Meanwhile the village men decide upon a course of action through a vote, like congress. This method of deciding upon a course of action is very sophisticated.
KALI01 said Oct 23, 2011 21:44:18
I agree in the sense that the Ibo society gives a fair response to the crime committed. They only go to war when it is just, and after the Oracle has accepted it, going along with what Cady said about masculinity. Therefore, the justice system is fair. It is not that organized since everyone just talks and agrees, but it does prove that the society is able to work together, with the large number of 10,000 people; it seems to work well since their community is the most feared by other villages. Even though they do not fight wars unless necessary, they are clearly dominant in wars if other villages are afraid to fight them. The "peaceful agreement" demonstrates that the Ibo society is able to control their power, instead of misusing it by fighting "unjust wars."
SAR01 said Oct 24, 2011 01:43:47
This justice system in Umuofia reveals about their society that they take every wrong doing and crime very seriously. Although this justice system is strict, i believe it is fair. In the Ibo society, all the men work together to decide the best way to go about situations. Because the society is so dependent on masculinity, all hard-working men have a say. This system also shows that the Ibo society is confident in terms of war, but prefer peace instead. Because their decisions are dependent on the Oracle, this reveals about their society that they work together as a community, and do not let one person influence their decision making in the town. This method seems to work well because all neighboring towns fear Umuofia. Because this method is the "normal course of action", the ultimatum given to Mbanino is considerate of the Ibo society because they are allowing that neighboring town to decide if they would rather have war, or offer up a young man and a virgin, instead of forcing an immediate punishment upon then.
JAMESA01 said Oct 24, 2011 19:00:15
The Ibo tribe's "peaceful settlements" paints a picture of a rational society that would talk a conflict out before automatically going in and fighting. that said, as mentioned above the fact that the societies in africa are not united creates an easy target for outside intrusions from nations like britain. also, it reveals that the Ibo were very smart, and as masculine-based the society seems, woman are allowed to vote which s good because there is at least a certain sence of equality.
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