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Essential Questions/Themes - Chapters 1-3

posted Oct 24, 2011 21:02:13 by
Post your leader summaries for the essential questions. Also, list any themes your group identified.
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ZACH03 said Oct 25, 2011 23:26:22
How does an individual influence community? How does a community influence the individual?

An individual has a large impact on the Ibo community. When one inividual faces a major issue, the whole comunity comes together to help him. At the meeting that is called, Ogbuefi Ezeugo states, "Those sons of wild animals have dared to murder a daughter of Umuofia" (11). When the other tribe killed the man's wife, the village came together and thretened war if compensation wasn't given. By reacting strongly to the murder of the man's wife, the village demonstrates how one individual can cause the community to come together. Likewise, the community has a major impact on the individual. The expectations of the community shape each individual. Ibo society and culture focuses on success and wealth, as well as strength and bravery. By constantly striving to be more successful and stronger, Okonkwo illustrates how the communtiy has affected him, the individual.
conforming to society yields a better outcome than not
ex. Okonkwo lets himself conform to society's values and expectations and has become successful and well-off. While his father refused to conform and died poor and unsuccessful.
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