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Essential Questions/Themes - Chapters 1-3

posted Oct 24, 2011 21:01:40 by
Post your leader summaries for the essential questions. Also, list any themes your group identified.
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MEAGHAN02 said Oct 25, 2011 20:40:55
Essential Question: How do expectations reguarding masculinity and feminity influence identity?

We said that the society's expectations are a way of thinking how one must behave, whether it means being very masculine of very femenine. These expectations can shape a man's life in a great way. For instance, Okonnkwo's success and praise from his community come from his masculine qualities. Also, he appears to be more masculine than the average man in the community because he looks even more masculine when he is compared to his father, who isn't considered masculine due to his needs for loans and his interest in music. All women and men sometimes try to change their personalities in order to live up to their gender expectations. Success in masculinity and feminity can be related to gifts from the communiy's gods, as said in the story.

Some themes for Things Fall Apart that we came up with were:
1)Gender roles
3) Success vs. Failure
4) Fears
5)individuality vs. society
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