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Chapters 4-6

posted Oct 26, 2011 18:54:01 by
What seems to be Achebe’s attitude toward Ibo culture so far? Is his depicting it as an ideal one? Can you cite any passages, which imply a critical attitude? Has Achebe discredited any of the stereotypes presented in “How to Write about Africa”? If so, how?
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KEL02 said Oct 26, 2011 23:39:47
So far, Achebe has described Ibo culture in an almost unbiased way. He simply describes Ibo values and the peoples way of life, without stating whether their customs are right or wrong. he wants to reveal information about the Ibo society, but he lets the reader decide how they feel about the values. For example, Okonkwo's two episodes of violence reveal Ibo society's justice system may be corrupt, however Achebe never implies a critical attitude. Achebe also succeeds in defying many African stereotypes, for many of the Ibo values depicted are similar to our own values and none of the stereotypes in the article have been found in the book.
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