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Ibo Society

posted Nov 02, 2011 23:43:50 by
Post your cultural description here.
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JAMESA01 said Nov 04, 2011 03:43:10
The Ibo society has many positive and negative aspects to it. it's positive aspects were recognized hard work, meaningful folktales and proverbs, close relations around the villages, family values, more definitive action, and live simple lives.

Recognized hard work: "Okonkwo was well known throughout the nine villages and even beyond. His fame rested on solid personal achievement. (3)

Meaningful folktales and proverbs: "You are full of cunning and you are ungrateful" (97), "his shell broke into pieces" (99).

close relations among villagers: "it was clear from his twinkly eyes that he had important news... but it would be impolite to rush him" (67).

Family values: "if i were you i would have stayed at home... what you have done will not please the Earth... It is the kind of action for which the Goddess wipes out whole families.

more definitive action: To think of a punishment for a tribe that killed one of their women, they took a vote, and carried out that decision.

they live simple lives: when they aren't working, they socialize and hold feasts, like the feast of yams.

the negative aspects were Ogbanje, reliance on gods, throwing away of twins, following oracles.

Ikemefuna was killed because the oracle had told villagers to do that.
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