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Ibo Society

posted Nov 02, 2011 13:52:05 by
Post your description of Ibo society here.
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MAGGIE04 said Nov 03, 2011 01:53:27
In the Ibo society, there are many defining characteristics that make up the society. There are many characteristics that are praiseworthy, yet also some that are misguided. We found there to be many aspects of Ibo society that fit under the category of praiseworthy. The proverbs and the folktales are a very big part of the Ibo society. "Once upon a time...all the birds were invited to a feast in the sky" (96). We also found the many ceremonies are a very important part of the Ibo life. "...the entire neighborhood wore a festival air because Okonkwo's friend, Obierka, was celebrating his daughter's uri" (110). Also in the Ibo society, it is a praiseworthy aspect that they value family and hard work to such a large extent. Family members are very close and each family member cares about and looks after one another. Tho focus on hard work, not only for adults but for children as well, is also admirable because of the push in the society to reach your full potential. Also, the closeness between neighbors and other members of the society is a valued trait, because it creates no tension and a unified society. Lastly, the focus on agriculture is praiseworthy because it provides the society with their own access to goods for survival, and drives them to work on their farms. Also, it continues the tradition from generations before. Although there are many praiseworthy aspects of the Ibo society, there are also many misguided aspects. To begin with, the ogbanje is a very misguided part of the Ibo society. Also, the throwing away of the twins into the evil forest is, in our opinion, extremely misguided. Furthermore, the attitude toward newborn babies is atrocious. Without a chance of proving themselves to be different, twins, babies thought to be evil or bad, and any baby that is an ogbanje is hurt and thrown into the evil forest. This system of treating a newborn baby is extremely corrupt. In the Ibo society, if someone has done something so horrible, they can and will be exiled. This is found to be a misguided aspect of the Ibo society because if a certain crime had been committed on accident, a person has to leave everything behind and be exiled. "Okonkwo had committed the female, because it had been inadvertent. He could return to the clan after seven years" (124). The pressure and stress caused from the oracle and the gods is also a misguided aspect of the Ibo society. It is seen that the oracle dictates people's lives. For example, the oracle was the single cause of Ikemefuna's death. Without the oracle being followed, he would still be alive. Also, the stress put on the society to impress the gods is another negative aspect of the Ibo culture. Also in the Ibo society, the stress on being masculine is extremely misguided. This is proven as Okonkwo for a pristine example because, although he would not wish to do so, he killed Ikemefuna in fear of not being masculine enough. In addition, the violence altogether is very misguided in the sense that the violent people and their actions need to be punished. However, as seen in Okonkwo's case, he beats his wives and very often his is not punished to the extent that he should be. The final aspect of the Ibo society that is misguided is the constant pressure to conform to society, and the lack of individuality. The majority of the people in the society are so similar, the women get married young, have children, and serve their husbands. The men are expected to work hard their whole lives and come out successful and strong. Although the society does have many praiseworthy and misguided aspects, the Ibo society does appear to be changing and moving forward, hopefully changing some of the characteristics.
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